The FIFA console game is one of the most popular games in the world. Millions of people play it every day, and there are a variety of reasons why. The graphics are great, you can play with your friends and family online or offline, and it’s just an all-around fun game to play! If you want to know how FIFA works on consoles like PlayStation (PS) or Xbox One, read this blog post for everything you need to know.

Command every move, and feel more like the manager. Control everything on the pitch, like a game of tomorrow. FIFA-nerd? Get FIFA available for PS5 and Xbox series X|S for free*!

There’s nothing left to do but jump into your nearest electronics store and grab one before they sell out! How could you say no when these new consoles give you so much control over your team in gameplay? Isn’t that what it is all about? It’s time to bring football home and save the day.

Special features of FIFA:

Complete Control in Gameplay – We have introduced a new system that puts you, the player, back into control. Play with intelligence and precision to see your decisions come alive on the pitch. You are now more aware than ever before of what is happening around you and how teammates and opponents react. Passing has never been more responsive!

Squad Building Challenges – Earn rewards for completing set objectives related to squad building challenges through gameplay, such as winning games or scoring goals with specific players from clubs across 11 leagues, including Premier League (England), La Liga Santander (Spain) & Bundesliga (Germany). The higher your overall club’s level gets, the better rewards will be available to complete these challenges.

Shortlist – With the new shortlist, you can set up your starting eleven and subs bench before a match in one simple step. The shortlist will then automatically populate with players from your squad who can play that game week based on their health status and club commitments such as suspensions or participation in other competitions.

Dynamic Quick Substitutions – Make tactical substitutions without pausing gameplay! Now when coaching strategy is enabled at any time during a match, select make changes to personnel while continuing to control the action. You have 20 seconds between each substitution decision for an opportunity to plan ahead; it’s now easier than ever to react quickly if need be, so don’t miss out on making those match-changing decisions.

You can now select a player from the eleven and subs bench before the match starts, which will then automatically populate with players from your squad who are eligible to play that week based on their health status and club commitments such as suspensions or participation in other competitions.

Enhancements to CPU AI logic and player animations ensure that players are in the right place at the right time: passes will be weighted more accurately, defenses react quicker than before, and attackers anticipate shots with improved awareness.

New additions include an all-new Half Time Show featuring Michael Buffer as well as new music tracks by artists such as Rick Ross, Damian Marley & Nas.

Enhanced shot mechanics give you a greater variety of ways to finish off moves; now, make every shot count because it can lead to a goal or save your defense from being breached.

You can now select what type of play is required for each situation which means if you’re up against strong opposition, then utilize a more defensive approach.

More in-depth team management lets you take control of a single player and affect the entire match; create tactics that work for your style, not against it.

The all-new Kick-Off mode allows competitive players to play with quick matches: choose from four different game modes – Switching Sides Match Day, Home & Away Match Day, Penalty Shootout or Classic Mode.

Choose between 125 real-world stadiums, including the best English Stadium, as well as digital environments.

The new Manager Mode is built on the same backend that drives all our career modes.

The new Career Mode is a single-player offline experience that will allow players to take charge of any club in the world; create your legend as you develop from junior manager all the way to international sporting director – or choose one of our pre-set managers and see if you can turn them into legends.

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The talked about new features in this game, and everything else is hoping to give you better enjoyment of the FIFA Game.

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